Home Invasion Tips

A home invasion is a break-in that occurs while you are at home.  Some basic tips include:

  • A dog (some, if not most breeds make for excellent deterrents and alarms)
  • Home security alarm system
  • Make sure you lock your doors and close your windows (no matter how ‘safe’ you think your neighborhood is)
  • Keep your cell phone in at arm’s reach, and ready to dial 911 if a break in occurs
  • Don’t flaunt your belongings through your doors/windows.  Make sure valuables aren’t easily spotted from the street
  • A community watch is a great deterrent.  Communication makes a world of difference.
  • Keep some sort of weapon (even if it’s a non-lethal weapon such as a taser or pepper spray).

Optional: Have a gun
This is a touchy subject for many.  Guns in my opinion are a great tool in the hands of sane, responsible citizens.  Owning a firearm is a large responsibility and I firmly believe that all gun owners should obey  gun safety guidelines at all times, visit a shooting range at least a few times/year and receive at the very least, some basic training with their gun.

However, not all people fall into the class of “sane, responsible citizens.”  If you are the haphazard type who will leave your gun laying around and never learn how to use it efficiently, it may be best to forego this option (especially if you have children).

** Nothing I say here should be construed as legal or professional advice.  This is solely my advice based on my experience (which is not minimal) and from what I’ve learned or read from actual safety/security professionals.

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