Gun ownership for home defense-My personal take

Let me preface this by sharing with you that I own several firearms.  My first purchase was a basic Mossberg 500 which I’ve since modified with a new stock.  This has been home defense/go-to firearm and I have had some training with it (training, which I’ve passed on to my wife).  My other firearms are mainly for recreational use.

I should also disclose that I am not an NRA member, and I don’t necessarily care for the whole “gun culture” which seems to have a very ‘good ol’ boy’ and even bully-like atmosphere about it.

Having said all of this, I believe that having a firearm in the household is Continue reading

Lenovo Computers – Backdoor Security Risk?

So it turns out that a few government agencies have reason to believe that Lenovo computers have added security concerns (Lenovo is partly owned by a subsidiary of the Chinese government, and some backdoors have been found on Lenovo machines).  After doing some due diligence (and becoming convinced that this concern is legit and not merely some anti-Chinese protectionist maneuver) I have decided to take my newly-purchased Lenovo and got me a much higher-powered Dell.

I hasten to add that this means that Lenovo machines are entirely unsecured and Dell machines are a guarantee against any hack.  Far from it, I would argue that this is merely a game of security threat potential.  The Lenovo machine simply had a higher likelihood of being compromised.  And even this may be overstated, as I am not someone who the Chinese government would have any interest in compromising my machine (I am not a CEO of a large company, nor some government official).

But in this day and age, Cybersecurity can’t be taken too lightly.