Violent Crime Rates Back on the Rise

For years, the violent crime rate has been dropping.  However, according the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, this trend ticked back up in 2012.  In this report, violent crimes consists of aggravated assault, robbery, forcible rape, and murder and non-negligent manslaughter. Read full report (PDF).

Unifirm Crime Report (UCR)


How to Remote Monitor Home Video Security Camera

So you went out and bought your first (or not your first) home video security camera. Congrats. Now you’re stuck there trying to figure out how to remote monitor it, right? It’s actually pretty simple, let’s check it out.

Right now the trendiest home video security camera is Dropcam, a wireless camera that can be remote monitored. However, there are many excellent alternatives that can suit your needs. ADT, for example, offers great options for remote monitored home security cameras

The best part about these cameras is that you can check in to see live feed from the camera anytime you want. How do you do this? You can remote monitor it from anywhere around the globe, so long as you are on a computer or your smart phone. In some cases, you will have to download an app that will give you full functional control over your camera, but this is easily done, and can provide you with that extra peace of mind while you’re away.