Macuahuitls for home protection


macuahuitl aztec sword

There are various ways you can protect your home. For certain we suggest an ADT alarm, but there are many other options, including bladed weapons, especially those of antiquity that can double as an art piece.


Macuahuitls were used by the Aztecs as their go-to weapon. Something between a sword and a club, these weapons have obsidian blades that act as serrates along the side of what would otherwise act as something between a club and a paddle. These serrates are meant to cut and mame, not so much to kill. You see, Aztec warriors wanted their defeated foes alive, as they would be taken back as sacrifices to their gods.

What does this mean for you? Well for one, it means a weapon with stopping power but which is less likely to kill an actual intruder. In our “sue happy” age where wrongful death lawsuits crush innocent homeowners who killed an ill-intentioned intruder, finding a macuahuitl for sale may not be a bad choice.

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