Macuahuitls for home protection


macuahuitl aztec sword

There are various ways you can protect your home. For certain we suggest an ADT alarm, but there are many other options, including bladed weapons, especially those of antiquity that can double as an art piece.


Macuahuitls were used by the Aztecs as their go-to weapon. Something between a sword and a club, these weapons have obsidian blades that act as serrates along the side of what would otherwise act as something between a club and a paddle. These serrates are meant to cut and mame, not so much to kill. You see, Aztec warriors wanted their defeated foes alive, as they would be taken back as sacrifices to their gods.

What does this mean for you? Well for one, it means a weapon with stopping power but which is less likely to kill an actual intruder. In our “sue happy” age where wrongful death lawsuits crush innocent homeowners who killed an ill-intentioned intruder, finding a macuahuitl for sale may not be a bad choice.

ADT vs Protection 1: Alarm System Comparison

adt vs protection 1

ADT and Protection 1 are both known to have a significant share of the home security market within the United States and Canada. Both companies offer fantastic prices and top quality services. However, only one of them is considered to be the best in home security. In this article, we will examine the two companies and help you make an informed decision when purchasing security for your home or business.

Protection 1 Overview

  • A+ Rating from BBB
  • Uses Honeywell security technology
  • Uses Cellular transmission technology
  • Touchscreen console
  • Monthly monitoring fees: $49.99
  • No fees for equipment
  • 3-year contract
  • Door and motion sensors included
  • iPhone, Android and Blackberry apps available
  • Top-quality customer service

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Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz and the UFC


The recent McGregor-Diaz match up did not disappoint. It was a 5-round war and was one of the best we’ve seen in recent MMA history. McGregor came out early and put Nate on his bottom a few times. Nate came back and swarmed him for the much of the remainder of the fight, knocking him down once and the fight ended with time running out just as Nate Diaz had taken him down and was mounting a ground and pound game.   Now before I go further let me say that I am a huge fan of both of these fighters. Personally I hope McGregor goes on to decimate fighters like Eddie Alvarez, and then eventually fight a rematch with Nate Diaz. Nevertheless I have some thoughts to get off my chest. Continue reading

Review: Facing Violence by Rory Miller

Facing Violence by Rory Miller - Review
I recently went through my second Rory Miller book: Facing Violence (Meditations on Violence  being the first).  Of course I would read this (instead of some light short story) while vacationing abroad!  In any case, the book was enjoyable we as well as instructive.

Over the years I’ve read a number of books in the “self defense” sphere but Facing Violence stands out in this respect: It covers more (if not all) aspects of one’s potential encounter with violence, including legal and psychological after effects. The book is neatly broken into these subsets: Continue reading

Burglary: You needn’t be a Victim


American households face a lot of threats, nevertheless by and far, burglary is regarded as the regularly occurring. FBI numbers show us that every 15.4 seconds, a burglary is happening somewhere in the US. Burglary, by its definition takes place when we’re not home, and involves no confrontation, but is a property crime nonetheless.

Several Facts with regards to Burglary

Having said that, a family group may be left with a feeling of intrusion and weakness in the wake of the burglary. Hence, it is imperative you recognize the perpetrators of these crimes, and why they do this to begin with, if you wish to avoid joining the ranks of people

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Jiu Jitsu in self defense: Basketball Leglock Incident

A basketball game turned rhetorical shouting match which soon turned into a physical confrontation when what clearly appears to be the more aggressive of the two takes a swing at the other.  The fight quickly goes to the ground and the aggressor ends up in a leg lock, and quickly subsides when he realizes he’s within seconds of not playing basketball for several months, and potentially never playing at whatever level he is currently playing (due to the reduced mobility he may later have to deal with).

Social media profiles quickly blew up with the message “sport jiu jitsu works for street self defense,” to which some critics responded with scathing reviews of how BJJ practitioner reacted.  One of the main criticisms Continue reading

How to Setup ADT Home Security System for Stand alone

It is a little known fact that ADT doesn’t only deter would-be burglars. ADT home security systems detect poisonous gases as well as smoke through sophisticated sensors and monitors. Experts recommend getting an all inclusive system (to include smoke and gas detection) for full coverage. In the event that something unexpected happens, such as a burglar breaks into your home or something catches on fire, the proper authorities will immediately be notified and that could mean the difference between a bad day and a very, very horrible life-altering day. So think about investing in a system, perhaps a guard dog, extra fencing, etc.

But say you don’t want to go all-out like that. ADT offers outstanding standalone home security systems. These systems are doubly effective in protecting your home in that one, they deter criminals from trying to break in at all, and two, if they do, help is not far because the alarm that the unwelcomed guest has triggered will be a signal for police, fire department, and National Guard to show up and regulate. Yes, perhaps not the National Guard, but you get the idea. Your home is protected. And at the end of the day, that’s what counts.