Burglary: You needn’t be a Victim


American households face a lot of threats, nevertheless by and far, burglary is regarded as the regularly occurring. FBI numbers show us that every 15.4 seconds, a burglary is happening somewhere in the US. Burglary, by its definition takes place when we’re not home, and involves no confrontation, but is a property crime nonetheless.

Several Facts with regards to Burglary

Having said that, a family group may be left with a feeling of intrusion and weakness in the wake of the burglary. Hence, it is imperative you recognize the perpetrators of these crimes, and why they do this to begin with, if you wish to avoid joining the ranks of people

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Home Alarm Systems

As I stated in a recent post:

It’s worth noting that I am self-employed and work from home (if I worked long hours in an office, I would also have some sort of home security monitoring service).

Sine then I have run into this infographic that summarizes the importance of home alarm systems.

Home alarm systems

DIY Home Security System

This is my personal and budgeted DIY home security.  It’s worth noting that I am self-employed and work from home (if I worked long hours in an office, I would also have some sort of home security monitoring service).


The items here are as follows:

  • Shotgun (Mossberg 500) ($200 + $35 stock)
  • Wireless IR Cam (Foscam nVision FI8918W) ($240 for 3 cams)
  • Smartphone (Samsing Galaxy S4) (“free” with my continued indentured servitude to Verizon)
  • Eskrima Stick ($15)
  • Door Stop Alarms ($10 for 2)
  • Window/Door Alarms ($5)
  • Pepper Spray ($15)
  • Samsung Galaxy 2 Tablet ($100)
  • Knife (Kabar) (This was a gift…but a decent knife can be purchased for $20).

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Gun ownership for home defense-My personal take

Let me preface this by sharing with you that I own several firearms.  My first purchase was a basic Mossberg 500 which I’ve since modified with a new stock.  This has been home defense/go-to firearm and I have had some training with it (training, which I’ve passed on to my wife).  My other firearms are mainly for recreational use.

I should also disclose that I am not an NRA member, and I don’t necessarily care for the whole “gun culture” which seems to have a very ‘good ol’ boy’ and even bully-like atmosphere about it.

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Home Invasion in Millburn, NJ – The need for home security

A recent home invasion involving a man kicking in a back door and physically assaulting a woman in her own home and in front of her 3-year-old daughter was captured by the nanny-cam.

Law enforcement believes this was a random (not pre-meditated) home invasion. Since the incident occurred, the unfortunate woman and her husband have purchased a home security system.

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Home Invasion Tips

A home invasion is a break-in that occurs while you are at home.  Some basic tips include:

  • A dog (some, if not most breeds make for excellent deterrents and alarms)
  • Home security alarm system
  • Make sure you lock your doors and close your windows (no matter how ‘safe’ you think your neighborhood is)
  • Keep your cell phone in at arm’s reach, and ready to dial 911 if a break in occurs
  • Don’t flaunt your belongings through your doors/windows.  Make sure valuables aren’t easily spotted from the street
  • A community watch is a great deterrent.  Communication makes a world of difference.
  • Keep some sort of weapon (even if it’s a non-lethal weapon such as a taser or pepper spray). Continue reading