DIY Home Security System

This is my personal and budgeted DIY home security.  It’s worth noting that I am self-employed and work from home (if I worked long hours in an office, I would also have some sort of home security monitoring service).


The items here are as follows:

  • Shotgun (Mossberg 500) ($200 + $35 stock)
  • Wireless IR Cam (Foscam nVision FI8918W) ($240 for 3 cams)
  • Smartphone (Samsing Galaxy S4) (“free” with my continued indentured servitude to Verizon)
  • Eskrima Stick ($15)
  • Door Stop Alarms ($10 for 2)
  • Window/Door Alarms ($5)
  • Pepper Spray ($15)
  • Samsung Galaxy 2 Tablet ($100)
  • Knife (Kabar) (This was a gift…but a decent knife can be purchased for $20).

Total: $505 (excludes the unnecessary shotgun stock and Samsung Galaxy tablet). Continue reading