Home Invasion in Millburn, NJ – The need for home security

A recent home invasion involving a man kicking in a back door and physically assaulting a woman in her own home and in front of her 3-year-old daughter was captured by the nanny-cam.

Law enforcement believes this was a random (not pre-meditated) home invasion. Since the incident occurred, the unfortunate woman and her husband have purchased a home security system.

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Home Invasion Tips

A home invasion is a break-in that occurs while you are at home.  Some basic tips include:

  • A dog (some, if not most breeds make for excellent deterrents and alarms)
  • Home security alarm system
  • Make sure you lock your doors and close your windows (no matter how ‘safe’ you think your neighborhood is)
  • Keep your cell phone in at arm’s reach, and ready to dial 911 if a break in occurs
  • Don’t flaunt your belongings through your doors/windows.  Make sure valuables aren’t easily spotted from the street
  • A community watch is a great deterrent.  Communication makes a world of difference.
  • Keep some sort of weapon (even if it’s a non-lethal weapon such as a taser or pepper spray). Continue reading